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Simply to Use, the Best Scale in Your Kitchen!

No matter dry ingredients or liquids, simply switch the Amir® Electronic Food Scale on and it’s going to show you the weight of things immediately! You put a bowl on, zero whichever flavor of weight you have chosen, put the flour in, press zero, put the sugar in… you get the idea and do a perfect meal!
High capacity, slim design and accurate precision, it’s going to be the most efficient scale in your kitchen!


1. Capacity: 5000g/11lb:0.4oz/5000ml
2. Automatic shut off Time: approximately 45s
3. Division: 1g/1ml/0.1oz
4 . Weight unit: g/oz/lb’oz/ml
5 . Minimal weight: 2g
6 . Battery: 2 X AAA
7 . Dimension: 180x180x57mm


1 x Digital Scale
2 x AAA Batteries
1 x User Manual


● Please put a bowl on or cover the scale with plastic wrap before weighing wet predients.
● Clean the scale with a fairly damp cloth, DO NOT immerse the scale in water or use chemical/abrasive cleaning agents.
● Please do not put over-weighed items on the platform.
● If the scale is not to being used for a long period, please remove the betteries and storge it on dried places without any heavy items on.

Seller Warranty Policy:
– 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
– 12-Month Replacement Warranty
– 7/24 Online Customer Service
– Lifetime Enhance Guarantee

Slim Design & LCD Display: Slim shape and elegant black design makes Amir food scale stylish. Clear, easy-read LCD display with white backlight. Portable to hang and easy to clean, brings your kitchen more convenience!
Precision Sensors: Precision is all the time the key ingredient of scales. This kitchen scale equipped with 4 high precision sensors provides 4 units (ml/oz/g/lb.oz) to make a choice on. As an accurate gram scale, it could measures up to 5kg in 1g, 11lb in 1/10oz, 5l in 1ml and 175 fl oz in 1/10fl oz increments.
Add and Weigh ‘Zero’ Function: Allows for measurement of a couple of ingredients in the same bowl. Suitable for both dry ingredients and liquids.
Perfectly accurate: Amir food scale will beyond your expectations if you wish to weighing letters before posting! No more failure dishes caused by inaccurate ingredients, your family will be surprised at your cooking!
2 x AAA Batteries (included): Commonly to be had batteries which will also be purchased anywhere
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