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Measure with confidence
The Etekcity Digital Stainless Steel Kitchen Food Scale can precisely measure solid food and liquids with unparalleled ease and convenience, allowing you to command complete keep an eye on over meal portions, seasoning, and nutrition. With a capacity of 11lb (5kg) and division of 0.1oz (1g), this digital food scale provides trustworthy, spot-on accurate ends up in lb/oz, g, ml, and fl.oz. It even features a simple-to-use tare function which allows the user to easily decide the net weight of an item in its container.

Durable stainless steel platform
Some brands saddle their food scales with chintzy plastic weighing platforms, but our digital stainless steel kitchen scale employs a sturdy grade 201 stainless steel platform for maximum longevity. This material isn’t just durable and easy-to-clean but also gives this digital multifunctional food scale an upscale, sophisticated aesthetic that complements all kinds of kitchen designs.

Special Features
– Super slim design for simple storage.
– Large backlit LCD display for readability.
– Measure soilds and liquids.
– Auto-off for battery saving.

Weight Capacity: 11 lb / 5kg
Units: lb.oz / fl.oz / g / ml
Division Value: 0.1 oz / 1g
Modes: Weight / Milk Volume / Water Volume
Dimensions: 21.7cm x 18.7cm x 1.8cm
LCD Display: 6.20 x 2.80 cm
Auto-Off: 120 seconds

Package Includes
1 x Digital Kitchen Scale
1 x Multilingual User Manual
3 x GP AAA 1.5 V batteries(Included)

For accurate weighing, please lay the scale on a HARD, FLAT surface.
ULTRA-SLIM DESIGN: 21.7×18.7cm STAINLESS STEEL platform about 30% LARGER than other kitchen scales in the marketplace, whilst still as THIN as 1.8 cm. Also adds a modern aesthetic to your kitchen, durable and easy-to-clean.
PRECISE MEASUREMENT: 11lb/5kg capacity with a division of 0.1oz/1g. High precision strain gauge sensors that deliver trustworthy results every time.
MULTI-FUNCTION: Features a crystal-clear back-lit LCD display in lb/oz, g, ml, and fl.oz. Low power, overload indication and auto-off function make weighing your foods hassle-free.
EASY-TARE FUNCTION: Means that you can deduct the weight of a container from the total weight in an effort to decide the net weight of the contents. Suitable for both dry ingredients and liquids.
CE, RoHS Certificated, 3 x GP AAA batteries pre-installed; Before weighing wet ingredients, please put a bowl/plate on the scale or cover it with plastic wrap; 2 Year Free Replacement Warranty by Etekcity.
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