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HG Hagesan Blue Usage Instructions
Directions to be used:

Dosage: Use HG Blue undiluted or up to 1:10 (with water). For bathtubs at all times dilute HG Blue with at least 10 parts water (1:10).

Directions to be used: Apply HG Hagesan Blue with a sponge (such as a scotchbrite type pad with sponge). Leave HG Hagesan Blue to work for a couple of minutes to dissolve lime and scale, then clean with a sponge and rinse off thoroughly with water. Use the scouring side of the sponge To take away stubborn scale, but not on chrome or gold-plated surfaces. Rinse away streaks running down walls with water.

Shower Heads (nozzles): If functioning badly because of limescale build-up, immerse in a bowl of undiluted HG Hagesan Blue for 30 minutes and finish off by brushing, rinse with water.

Glass that has lost its lustre: Immerse for no less than 10 minutes in a washing bowl, dilution 1:10 HG Hagesan Blue with water, brush and rinse with water.

For regular cleaning: Use HG Hagesan Bath Shine. To take away dirty mould or mildew marks on silicone seals use HG Hagesan Mould Spray.
Gets rid of persistent limescale, rust stains, yellow stain deposits and copper oxide
Extremely powerful
Super concentrated
Secure for all materials used in a rest room or toilet
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