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100% up to date and top of the range
Display type:Digital
Calibration:Auto calibration
Tare range:Tare full capacity
Auto off:30 seconds off
Operation temp:50-86 degrees Fahrenheit
Powered by:2*AAA Batterles(not inculded batteries)
Place scale on a horizontal flat surface,press (ON/OFF) key to turn at the scale.

How to make use of:
Wait until”0.0″is displayed
Put the object(s) at the weighing platform.
The use of the (UNITS)’ll switch between the weighing units.
Using the (LIGHT) KEY,you’ll turn on or off the backlight.

1 *Jewelry scale
1* User guide
One light-weight (weighed just over 1 oz) and ultra-compact digital pocket scale with a capacity of 100g and a resolution of 0.01g.
This portable mini scale includes a sleek design with a resemblance of a small MP3 player.
It supports most common weight units, tare weighing, auto power-off, and simple calibration.
This quality scale is equipped with a chrome steel platform, a LED back-light LCD display for simple reading, and a protective cover that can be utilized as the expansion weighing tray.
Tiny and accurate digital scales with the hard plastic cover, easy to take.
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