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Looking for a perfect scale for your home? Look no further!
This Smart Weigh scale is a beautiful and convenient addition to your home. With the ability to be a postal scale or kitchen scale you are bound to get numerous use out of this scale.
Beautifully designed, this sleek and compact scale has a tempered glass platform making it extremely durable, whilst making it a nice addition to any kitchen or office.

Using your new Smart Weigh Scale
First Use: When you are ready to start weighing on your Smart Weigh scale, first make sure it is on a hard flat surface to ensure an accurate reading. This scale comes with batteries included, so place these in the scale and get weighing!
The use of the “TARE” function: If you wish to have to weigh an object that can only be weighed in a container, such as a liquid, the “TARE” function is extremely helpful. Simply place the container on the platform, press and hold the “TARE” button, and then place whatever you are weighing into the container. This will help take the guesswork out of weighing objects that don’t seem to be as easily weighed.
Changing Modes: When you wish to have to change the unit of measurement on the scale it is extremely easy. Simply press the unit key on the scale until you reach the unit of measurement you desire!

Dimensions: 7″ x 7″
Power: 1 cr2032 lithium battery (Included)
Division: 1g/1 ml/0.1 fl.oz/o.1 oz
Units: lb/oz/ml/g
Capacity: 11lb/ 5kg/ 5000ml Platform: 7” x 6”

Smart Weigh Digital Kitchen and Postal Scale comes with a 2 Year Warranty
MULTIFUNCTIONAL – Can be used as a postal scale or a kitchen scale. The wide platform on this scale can accommodate larger kitchen and postal objects! There is not any longer a want to purchase a postal scale and a kitchen scale because this scale will take care of all your weighing needs. Scale measures in lb/oz/ml/g making it more versatile and convenient
ACCURATE – Utilizes high precision sensor system to get an accurate reading every time! With a division of 1g/0.1 oz. you are bound to get a precise reading of your object that will be spot on. Whether you are cooking, or weighing objects to ship, take the guess work out of it and feel confident that you are getting an accurate reading every time.
DURABLE – Made with a strong tempered glass platform, this scale is built to last. Gone are the days of having to replace your scale continuously because of the wear and tear of everyday use. This scale is made with top of the line material, so it is bound to last you a long time
FEATURES – Includes the tare function making it convenient to weigh anything. Simply place your container on the platform, press the tare button, and start weighing! Also included is the hold feature. This permits you to weigh your object and lock in the weight reading so you do not have to worry about losing your reading or forgetting the weight.
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – All of our Smart Weigh scales are individually tested and backed with a 2-year warranty
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